(aka Operation Shtreimel)


DIRECTOR: Benni Shvily

STARS: Paul Smith (Sonny Boy, Pieces, Sno-Line), Tuvia Taby, Pierre Nerny, Ya'ackov Ben-Sira, Yehudi Efroni, Walter Flash

SYNOPSIS: It's not every day you come across an 80's action comedy from Israel that's set during WWII with Nazis, slapstick and big Paul Smith! The film starts off with some war action as our main hero wipes out a bunker full of Germans almost single-handedly. He's called in for special duty and reports to a room full of British military bigwigs. They chose him because of his fighting skills and the fact he was born in Germany(!) despite growing up in Palestine and wielding a heavy Israeli accent. The mission is to sneak into Germany and steal Hitler's plans for a secret weapon. He agrees, but only if he can pick his own team. His "team" turns out to be two old pals, a mute knife expert and a short chubby soldier (who provides lots of comic relief). There's action and laughs as the trio sneak behind enemy lines, kill Germans, go undercover at a night club (with the big mute dressing in full drag), break into a vault and even find a little time to make out with a sexy blonde resistance fighter. The Nazi general character who guards the secret plans is straight out of Hogan's Heroes. Top-billed Paul Smith is working undercover disguised as a priest and helps our heroes fight the bad guys. He doesn't show up until about 1/2 an hour into the film for a fight scene. Then he returns again for the last 1/2 hour which is action packed with fights, shoot-outs, grenades and car chases. There's even a few scenes where Smith gets to grab two soldiers by the sides of their heads and "bonk" them together Three Stooges-style! The filmmaking is amateurish at times and they're clearly working with a low budget but it moves along quickly and is worth a look as a bit of an oddity. Shot on location in Israel you'll be questioning why there's so much desert landscape in "Germany". If you want to know what a mash-up of Inglorious Bastards, Stripes and Yentl would be like …this is film is for you. Clearly hoping for a more international market the film is in spoken English. In an interview on the bonus features of the "Grindhouse Releasing" Blu Ray of Pieces Paul Smith talks about making a movie after he lost a bet - this is the movie. Zero reviews on the IMDB for this one.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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