( aka Amazon Commando, aka Hong Fen Bing Tuan )


DIRECTOR: Yen-Ping Chu (Lawrence Full)

STARS: Brigitte Lin, Hui-Shan Yang, Sally Yeh,

SYNOPSIS: Batshit crazy, female Dirty Dozen, genre mash-up from Taiwan that's action packed from start to finish. It starts out as a women in prison film during WWII. Each character has a lengthy flashback of the crime they committed. We see that each woman has their own special look and fighting style. Then an onscreen title shows their name, age, crime and sentence. After some time spent in prison with Nazi-esque guards, and the expected fights, the original seven girls break out. A quick costume change and they all have cartoonish outfits and early 80's music video-style hair. One girl has a big Russian fur hat and an eyepatch. Another one wears a cheetah fur bikini and boots! Weapons include an axe, sword, guns and of course martial arts. They also love to smoke a lot. The plot switches gears and they're on a secret mission to destroy a chemical weapons lab. As if all this craziness wasn't enough the best part is the amazing English dubbing. It's insane. One girl has a Southern Belle accent, the henchmen all sound dopey and the bad guys are cartoonish. Plus the choice dialog will leave you speechless. At one point the prison warden gives a speech and says: "Why would someone try to leave us? That's not nice. Be good girls!". I imagine Tarantino would love this one. Purely entertaining and recommended. This film was followed by a sequel: Pink Force Commando.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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