(aka Suicide Force)


DIRECTOR: Nick Cacas (Forgotten Warrior)

STARS: Vic Vargas, Nick Estrogen, Rey Malonzo (Search for Vengeance, Raw Force)

SYNOPSIS: Two guerrilla armies are causing trouble in the Filipino jungle. The peaceful army is led by a woman while the more violent faction is run by a man. The two leaders are also brother and sister. The government sends an army general in to broker a peace deal. The bad guerrillas end up kidnapping the general instead. Desperate for a solution the military gets their top man and his specialized soldiers known as "The Savage Six"! They're released from military stockade (ala The Dirty Dozen) to complete their mission to rescue the general and kill with extreme prejudice if necessary. The "Six" join forces with the good guerrillas and save the day. This film is low budget and cheesy but absolutely action packed. Off the top of my head only Brian Trenchard-Smith's The Siege of Firebase Gloria has more shoot-outs, stabbings, fist fights, explosions and underpaid extras flying through the air than this one. The filmmakers also clearly had help from the local military as heavy artillery shows up near the climax to blow the shit out of a hillside (for real).

*For more see:
Treasure of the Lost Desert, The Invincible Six, Raiders in Action and War Bus

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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