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(1984 / 1986)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

American Commandos: Bobby Suarez (One Armed Executioner, Warriors of the Apocalypse) / War Bus: Ferdinando Baldi (Blindman, Comin' at Ya!)

STARS: American Commandos: Christopher Mitchum (Eyes of the Dragon, Stingray), John Phillip Law (Danger: Diabolik), Franco Guerrero / War Bus: Daniel Stephen, Romano Kristoff, Stelio Candelli (Killer Wore Gloves, Rush 2, Demons)

SYNOPSIS: Two action packed films with soldiers and war.

American Commandos: Vietnam war vet Chris Mitchum runs a small gas station that gets robbed one night by a drug gang. He chases after them and shoots one creep in a speeding car. The gang vows revenge and goes after his wife and kid. It seems like this will be a Death Wish rip-off as Mitchum tracks down the other gang members and kills them off, but then the plot switches gears. The detective on the case knows Mitchum is guilty but can't prove it. Instead he offers him a mission: go to the Golden Triangle and stop the drug trade at its source. Mitchum accepts and before you can say, "We're getting band back together," he gathers his old war buddies to help out (including shady John Phillip Law). They build a homemade tank that looks like a steel-plated postal truck leftover from Megaforce and fill it with bombs and guns. There's even a bullet proof motorcycle too! The tank of death makes it's way through the jungle roads of Southeast Asia to find the head of the cartel and his henchmen. This is a good example of entertaining Filipino exploitation; fast paced, packed with car chases, shoot-outs, explosions, fight scenes, nudity and cheesy dialog.

War Bus: In Vietnam a group of missionaries and a few soldiers of fortune escape from enemy forces in a converted school bus. Not long into their journey three American army soldiers commandeer the bus: a tough Rambo-type leader, a hot-headed Italian sharpshooter and a friendly African American. They all must work together to safely get out of enemy territory. Solid war exploitation with well choreographed scenes of fighting, shooting and explosions. The action scenes in this film are way above average for this sort of fare. Italian film vet Stelio Candellli is memorable as a tough but kind Australian soldier of fortune. Director Ferdinando Baldi had experience with Peplum, Spaghetti westerns and war films. Recommended. aka WarBus

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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