VHS action Double Feature




(1983 / 1987)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Thunder Warrior + Thunder Warrior 2: Fabrizio De Angelis (Killer Crocodile, Karate Warrior)

STARS: Thunder Warrior: Mark Gregory (Escape from the Bronx), Bo Svenson (Walking Tall, Wizards of the Lost Kingdom), Raymond Harmstorf, Bruno Corazzari (Four of the Apocalypse) / Thunder Warrior 2: Mark Gregory, Bo Svenson, Raymond Harmstorf (The Sea Wolf, Inglorious Bastards)


Thunder Warrior: In this Italian made First Blood / Rambo rip-off Mark Gregory stars as American Indian "Thunder". He returns to his small dusty Arizona hometown. His grandfather tells him how the local bank won't honor a land treaty that protects an Indian burial ground. Racist constructions workers, including nasty Antonio Sabato, couldn't care less. Thunder confronts the workers and Sabato gets his ass kicked. When Thunder protests at the town's bank he's arrested and thrown in jail. Sheriff Bo Svenson isn't so much the villain but simply a hard ass who won't stand for any nonsense. He orders a racist deputy (scary Harmstorf) to drive Thunder to the border and tells him to get lost. Unfortunately, the construction workers catch up to Thunder and drag his ass through the desert with their jeep. The final straw is the cops beating Thunder when he returns to town. He goes into war mode and begins destroying the construction equipment, cop cars and the bank. Surprisingly enough he doesn't seem to actually kill anyone. This leaves room for him to be seen as an honorable hero fighting for justice and not just a cold-blooded killer. The film really has some impressively large chase scenes and explosions. The cast and crew are filled with Italians except for Svenson (Swedish / American) and Harmstorf (German). Filmed in Arizona including Navajo tribe owned lands.

Thunder Warrior 2: "Thunder" returns home again. It's hard to believe but while he was away the governor pardoned him for what happened in Part 1 and he graduated from the police academy! Sheriff Bo Svenson has to tell mean Deputy "Rusty" (Harmstorf) that Thunder is now a fellow officer. Some of the cops are sympathetic to him but others are still racist and wary. It turns out that Rusty is involved in a large drug smuggling ring with a gang of bikers. The dope is mostly pushed onto the poor Indian natives. When Thunder starts to figure this out he gets set-up by Rusty and goes to a brutal prison camp in the desert where he's beaten and starved. Eventually he's able to break out and it turns into Part 1 all over again as Thunder slaps on his war paint and goes full Rambo on the cops. In one impressive scene Rusty rides shotgun (literally) in a helicopter. He barks orders at the pilot and makes him try to slam Thunder into the jagged cliffs as he hangs from a rope dangling below the copter. There's lots of action again this time around with Smokey and the Bandit style crashes in slo-mo and things blowing up real good!

*For more see: Rush, Final Mission, High Crime and Fireback / Blood Debts

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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