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(1985 / 1989)

Two features on
one disc!

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom: Hector Olivera (Cocaine Wars) / Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II: Charles Griffith (Eat My Dust, Up From the Depths)

STARS: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom: Bo Svenson (Walking Tall Pt. 2, Portrait of a Hitman), Vidal Peterson, Thom Christopher (Buck Rogers, Space Raiders), Barbara Stock / Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II: Mel Welles (Little Shop of Horrors), David Carradine (Sonny Boy, Crime of Crimes), Robert Jayne, Sid Haig (Spider Baby, Woman Hunt)

SYNOPSIS: These features have short running times and are presented here on a single disc.

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom: In this kid's fantasy film a peaceful kingdom is overthrown by the evil wizard "Shurka". The young son of the castle's wizard manages to escape and goes on a quest to find a magic ring and sword to defeat the usurper. He travels with his pretty awesome looking, furry Abominable Snowman-ish pet "Gulfax ". Eventually they're joined by a legendary soldier-of-fortune swordsman played by Bo Svenson. His character does most of the heavy lifting in the action scenes as well as the corny one-liners. There's a a magic gnome, ghosts, a cyclops, zombies, and a giant bug monster whose blood is green, but… the coolest thing is a flying half man / half lion creature. Overall, the film is pretty ambitious with all its effects (both practical & optical). Thom Christopher (he was "Hawk" on the Buck Rogers TV show) has a fun time chewing the scenery as the villain "Shurka". A harmless fantasy romp safe enough for the youngest film fan. The screenplay was written by Ed Naha (Troll, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, C.H.U.D. II). Running time: 1hr 14mins

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II: Here we have a similar adventure but with a much lower budget. This film stars comic relief Mel Welles as a third rate magician tasked with finding a boy (Jacoby) who is the chosen one and will reunite the three kingdoms of goodness… or something. He must defeat three evil wizards including genre fave Sid Haig. During their road trip Welles and the boy meet "retired" swordsman David Carradine, whose reputation precedes him. Later, they team up with a big-titted sexy blonde warrior who fights as well as the men. There's even a tempting siren who uses her sex appeal on the young hero. More action and swordplay in this and less monsters and effects. You might find yourself wondering why Jacoby looks so familiar. It turns out he's the half-brother of Scott Jacoby who was so memorable as the star of 1974's Bad Ronald! Director Griffith is better known as a writer having done scripts for Little Shop of Horrors, Not of This Earth, Wild Angels, Death Race 2000 and many more. Running time: 1hr 19mins

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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