Double Feature


( aka Rage )



( aka A Man Called Rage )

(1983 / 1984)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Tonino Ricci (both films) (Panic, Night of the Sharks)

STARS: Rush: Bruno Minniti (aka Conrad Nichols), Gordon Mitchell (Phenomenal), Laura Trotter (Nightmare City, Miami Horror) / Rush 2: Bruno Minniti (aka Conrad Nichols), Stelio Candelli (Planet of the Vampires, War Bus), Werner Pochath (Striker, Devil Hunter)

SYNOPSIS: Two post apocalyptic Mad Max / First Blood rip-offs!

Rush: These Rush films were more fun than I expected. Of all the post-apocalyptic heroes, Rush (or Rage), has the best disposition. Who can blame him? He's dressed in stylish black leather, sporting a Rambo headband and his muscles perpetually glisten with oil regardless of his situation. Not to mention he can charm the ladies with simply a flash of his smile. After stock footage of bombs and some serious end-of-the-world narration we find Rush hiding out in the wreckage of an old city. Troops of bad guys patrol the area looking for contaminated people (to kill) and healthy people (to work in their slave camp). Despite his best efforts Rush is captured and brought to evil leader Gordon Mitchell who tortures him for information. The work camp turns out to be a greenhouse where they plant seeds and care for the vegetables! Even this is too much for Rush as he organizes a revolt in a series of fights, shoot-outs and chase scenes. Eventually Rush ends up in the nearby woods where, in an extended sequence, he uses his wits and jungle-style traps to knock off his enemies ala First Blood. It all ends in a fiery finale with Rush and Gordon Mitchell going head-to-head in a fight to the death. The last 40 minutes (half the running time) are all action. The soundtrack veers wildly between military, screaming jazz, sweeping epic-like scores and Italian wah-wah music!

Rush 2: The sequel is more of a road film as Rush (aka Rage) helps a new group travel to find a remote radio transmission as well as some desirable Uranium. Rush is sporting more of a Snake Plissken look this around. This one starts out the same as the first film. A group of soldiers (led by Mosquito star Werner Pochath) search a bombed out city killing any stray mutants they find. But this time they are purposely seeking out Rush and his manly expertise. They force him to go to their underground hideout. Along the way Rush proves his skills by fending of an attack by some deadly desert people. It turns that his captors are actually the good guys and simply need his help. The leader pleads with Rush to help save mankind by taking a possible suicide mission through dangerous terrain. He, of course, agrees and sets out with his newly formed team. They desperately need a map of the area and go to see an old military pal who Rush knows named "Slash". We find out from him that Rush/Rage's real name is "Captain Strike"! Slash's place is all disco lights, blasting music, sexy girls and sweaty drunk men betting on scorpion races. They end up stealing the maps and adding to their troubles as Slash pursues them through the wasteland for revenge. Along the way they meet some friendly "natives" who ride horseback and let the group pass (they'll come in handy later). Ultimately they reach their destination, fight Slash & his gang and even have a long desert-set chase scene involving a train, cars & motorcycles that predates the one in 1985's Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome! Onscreen title is: A Man Called Rage

*For more see: Final Executioner, Thunder Warrior, Urban Warriors, La Venganza de los Punks and Radioactive Dreams / Wired to Kill

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Rush / Rush 2" : $30.00

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