(aka Camper John
aka Prologue to Wounded Knee)


DIRECTOR: Sean MacGregor (Devil Times Five)

STARS: William Smith (Hollywood Man, Darker Than Amber), Gene Evans (Walking Tall), Joe Flynn ("McHale's Navy"), R.G. Armstrong (Steel), Henry Brandon (March of the Wooden Soldiers), Robert Tessier (Hard Times)

SYNOPSIS: William Smith plays "Camper John", a modern day (1973) Indian living on a run-down reservation with his wife, child and brother-in-law. He works odd jobs and get treated poorly by the racist white residents of the small town. After a drunken night at the local bar the step-daughter of the town bigshot comes onto Smith and wants to screw him. Their lovemaking gets interrupted by her step-father and he beats her mercilessly. The next day Smith is arrested for rape and assault. Fearing an unfair trial Smith's Indian pals manage to get him away from the cops (including sheriff Gene Evans). The locals form a bloodthirsty lynch mob and end up shooting and hanging Smith's brother-in-law. An elder tribal man tells Smith that killing those responsible won't solve the problem. However, he didn't anything about blowing shit up. So… Smith and his crew blow stuff up real good: houses, businesses and cars explode in balls of fire. All this chaos eventually gets local news coverage and it expose the lies of the fake rape story. There's no nudity or heavy bloodshed but there's plenty of action (car chases, fist fights, torture). Smith gets to do more dramatic acting than his usual exploitation fare as well as showing off the motorcycle skills he picked up from Run Angel Run, The Losers, Angels Die Hard, etc.

Onscreen title is: "Gentle Savage"

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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