DIRECTOR: Tom Gries (Breakheart Pass)

STARS: Robert Forster (Jackie Brown, Hollywood Harry), Kristoffer Tabori (Brave New World), Victoria Racimo (Prophecy), Eddie Little Sky (The Car), Roy Jenson (Chinatown)

SYNOPSIS: A California draft dodger "Danny" (Tabori) is hitching across the country and ends up in the poverty stricken town of Rosebud, SD. He's friendly and a little out of place in the largely Sioux Indian reservation community. He befriends "Frank" (Forster), an alcoholic local and crashes at his house after a night at the local bar. Forster spends a lot of time drinking but he's also the first person called when the indigenous locals run into problems with the law or government. He's a proud Vietnam vet but angry at the lack of opportunities and the injustice he and his friends face. They attend an Indian ritual in the woods, go to a demolition derby and bond with the other young men. A cute woman activist "Shirley" (Racimo) seems to be a love interest for both Tabori and Forster. This forgotten film shows Forster (a few years after Medium Cool) giving one of his best understated performances as a damaged man who refuses to accept the responsibility of being a leader. The location shooting and subject matter also make it unique for its time period. Journey is a recommended sleeper.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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