DIRECTOR: Richard Losee

STARS: Richard Losee, Kristin Kelly, Dahl Gleave, David Fitzen

SYNOPSIS: A year before playing a bit role (and doing stunt driving as "Trans Am driver") in Cannonball Run Richard Losee directed and starred in this low budget action comedy. The bare bones plot involves the kidnapping of a millionaire's grandson. When the ex-boyfriend (Losee) of the boy's mother finds out, he goes into action. The sadistic kidnappers want the old man's bars of gold as ransom. They devise a game wherein the bars are to be delivered at various locations by a specific time. Otherwise the kid will be killed. But those locations can only be found by solving a riddle from the head creep. You'd think they would just want the booty but there's some revenge going on here as well. Anyway, our somewhat stiff hero uses his expert driving skills to zip around in his turbo charged Porsche to beat the deadlines. There are lots of driving scenes and Losee even finds time to race some rednecks who made fun of his foreign ride. Almost all these sequences have at least one point where a clueless local gets scared by Losee and drives their car off the road into a lake or some bushes followed by shaking their fists in the air. Fans of the aforementioned Cannonball Run and drive-in fodder like Smokey & the Bandit might want to check this out. Filmed in Utah.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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