(aka Trop Jolies Pour Etre Honnetes, aka Four Chicks for a Hold-Up, aka Seduction Gang, aka The Powder Puff Gang)


DIRECTOR: Richard Balducci

STARS: Jane Birkin (I Love You, I Don't, Seven Deaths in a Cat's Eyes), Bernadette Lafont, Elisabeth Weiner, Emma Cohen, Carlo Giuffré, Serge Gainsbourg

SYNOPSIS: Four sexy women plan to rob a gang of thieves in this silly French comedy. The four women live together in an upper floor of an apartment overlooking the ocean. They receive a powerful telescope as a gift and soon find themselves spying on a pair of shady men (Gainsbourg and a very funny Giuffré) renting a beach house. When a bank in town gets robbed the girls figure the duo are responsible after seeing the men with a pile of cash. A plan is hatched to rob the robbers. The girls map out an elaborate caper and dress up "Irma Vep"— style to infiltrate the house in search of the loot. They're able to get the money but soon after the crooks realize what the girls did and the cat and mouse games begin. The film is very silly with chase scenes, slapstick and wacky characters. It's also very funny and the girls look great wearing a variety of sexy outfits and acting goofy. There are few surprisingly good chase scenes in the film as well. The bouncy score by Serge Gainsbourg will get stuck in your head for days. In addition to the alternate titles above a more literal translation is my favorite: Four Mice for a Heist. In original French language with English subtitles.

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Slightly Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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