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(1987 / 1990)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Chuck Vincent (both films) (Hot T-Shirts, Sex Appeal, Party Inc)

STARS: Young Nurses in Love: Jeane Marie, Alan Fisler, Veronica Hart (Deranged), Jamie Gillis / New York's Finest: Ruth Collins (Prime Evil, Exquisite Corpses), Jenifer Delora, Veronica Hart, Alan Nagger, Rick Savage

SYNOPSIS: Two Chuck Vincent sex comedies

Young Nurses in Love: A secret storage of brainiac sperm (Albert Einstein's, Thomas Edison's, etc) is kept locked away in a U.S. hospital (somewhere in Essex County, NJ!). The Russians want to get their hands on the sperm, so to speak, and send a female agent undercover as a naughty nurse. She falls for a doctor who turns out to be an American agent. Silly films like Young Doctors in Love and Police Academy were huge hits in the years leading up to this one. The filmmakers clearly wanted to cash in on that trend. The humor is pretty weak and the women are more likely to wear sexy clothing than get completely naked. Director Vincent hired a bunch of old pals from his XXX days fro this one. The biggest surprise is the amount of screen time given to adult film legend Jamie Gillis (Waterpower, Corruption) as a drunk doctor who does a little physical humor. Annie Sprinkle (Teenage Deviate, Bizarre Styles) shows up as a busty patient who gets topless and Veronica Hart (Neon Nights, Wanda Whips Wall Street) plays a nurse.

New York's Finest: Three low class prostitutes are sick of their jobs. One is a muscular blonde, another a tough brunette and lastly an airhead Marilyn Monroe wannabe.They all wear loud clothing, tease up their hair and have horrible New Yawk accents. Their friend, a crossdressing drag queen (Nagger), offers to help. He'll train them, My Fair Lady-style, to be proper ladies in order to find millionaire husbands. A series of training sequences, including topless push-ups, get them ready. They rent an expensive uptown apartment and get ready to entertain. One night at a fancy club then run into their old madame, Veronica Hart, who wants them to pay up some money they stole. An agreement is reached and the swanky apartment is used for both Hart's prostitute and rich potential husbands. After a few mix-ups, copious nudity and slapstick humor a happy ending is found. The girls are likable and the humor good enough for memories of 80's late night cable fun. But it's the comedic performances by Nagger and Hart that steal the show. Especially Adult queen Hart who cuts loose with a crazy wig, colorful make-up and a crazy city accent. She's a blast. Adult stars Rick Savage and Jose Duval have small roles.

*For more see: Summer Camp, Does Size Really Count?, Too Pretty to Be Honest, Nurse on Call and Student Body / Cherry Hill High

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Young Nurses / NY's Finest" : $30.00

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