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MR. T's BE SOMEBODY (or Be Somebody's Fool)


(1982 / 1984 / 1984)

Special Triple program set on one dvd!

DIRECTOR: Smarkus: Sasha Ferrer / Mr T's Be Somebody: Jeff Margolis / Strong Kids, Safe Kids: Rick Hauser

STARS: Smarkus: Mindy O'Toole, Amon Rappaport / Mr T's Be Somebody: Mr. T, New Edition, Ice-T / Strong Kids, Safe Kids: Henry Winkler, John Ritter, Mariette Hartley (Night Dracula Saved the World)

SYNOPSIS: These programs are unreleased on dvd! You get all 3 on one disc. Running time: 2hrs 24mins

Smarkus: In this one hour rarity a couple of 80's era kids meet computer creature "Smarkus". He has a nasty disposition and no patience for these somewhat obnoxious kids. In addition to playing primitive video games Smarkus take the kids on a few journey's. These include one where they learn about blind kids using technology to play baseball and another exploring spacesuits. Harmless, dated and campy fun looking to cash in on pre-teens, in the early 80's, fascinated by the emerging world of computers.

Mr T's Be Somebody: Extremely dated video featuring the (at the time) very popular Mr. T as he tries to teach kids a variety of life lessons using humor, music and some good-natured hijinx. There are rap songs, slapstick humor, a breakdance lesson, a cameo by New Edition and more. The hairstyles, clothing and music all scream 1980's! A real time capsule treasure.

Strong Kids, Safe Kids: Aimed more at the pre-teen set this super campy video has Henry Winkler appear as his famous "Fonz" character as well as his real life alter-ego who tends to speak softly and wear awful sweaters. Lots of good advice on avoiding strangers and sexual abuse is offered up by friends like John Ritter, Papa Smurf and Mariette Hartley. Don't miss the memorable song explaining the proper use of the words Penis, Vulva, Breasts and Anus!

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Fullscreen / Color (Both programs)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Smarkus and Company" : $20.00

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