(1972 / 1971)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

DIRECTOR: The Loners: Sutton Roley (Chosen Survivors) / Outlaw Riders: Tony Huston

STARS: The Loners: Dean Stockwell (Boy with the Green Hair, One Away), Todd Susman, Scott Brady, Gloria Grahame (Mama's Dirty Girls), Patricia Stich / Outlaw Riders: Bill Bonner, Rafael Campos (Lady in a Cage), Jennifer Bishop (Bigfoot, The Female Bunch), Bambi Allen (Satan's Sadists, The Bang Bang Gang), Valda Hansen (Night of the Ghouls)

SYNOPSIS: Two obscure 70's biker films

The Loners: This biker film is more in the Easy Rider category than more violent exploitation like Cycle Savages. Dean Stockwell stars as a half-Indian, peace loving, biker who becomes the focus of a manhunt after being falsely accused of a crime and then causing the death of a pursuing cop. He eventually hooks up with a sexy teen girl (Patricia Stich) and a not-all-there nut (Todd Susman). They ride the roads, get drunk, commit robbery and find time for some sex all while staying one step ahead of the law (Scott Brady).

Outlaw Riders: Obscure biker entry with a ragtag bunch of toughs who start off the film with a payroll robbery that turns out to be wasted effort. The gang is split on what to do next but they finally decide to rob a bank. This "last job" ends up with half the gang dead and the four remaining members heading for the border. Along they way they stop in a sleazy titty bar and get into a brutal fight with a Mexican biker gang headed by a near-insane Rafael Campos. They lose badly and then Campos steals their money and girlfriends for good measure. The rest of the film has our two heroes hunting down the South-of-the-Border bikers for revenge. Look fast for Ed Wood regular Valda Hansen as a nun! With a classic 70's biker soundtrack featuring Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks, Lenny McDaniel, The Horsemen and Bob Correll.

Bonus: Original theatrical trailer for The Loners

*For more biker action see: The Savage Seven, The Hoax, Hollywood Man and Angels from Hell

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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