DIRECTOR: John Hayes ( Five Minutes of Love, Fandango, Grave of the Vampire)

STARS: Gloria Grahame (The Loners, Blood and Lace), Candice Rialson (Chatterbox, Pets), Sondra Currie (Policewomen, Concrete Jungle)

SYNOPSIS: At first glance this might look like a light T&A romp with a mother and her oversexed daughters along the lines of Big Bad Mama or The Great Texas Dynamite Chase. But looks can be deceiving as this one is really a crime thriller. Film noir vet Grahame almost steals the show as a lethal black widow who hooks up with lonely men, marries them and then knocks them off to collect the inheritance. This is not played for laughs but pretty serious as Grahame and her two oldest daughters (Rialson and Currie) are all in on the con and willing to commit murder. A younger sibling is kept in the dark about the dirty deeds but still manipulated to lure the men in. Rialson is in full cock-tease mode and the opening shot of the film is her standing topless in front of a mirror. Plenty of nudity, violence and sleaze helps secure this one as a dark horse drive-in classic.

*For more action see: The Manhandlers, Killers Three, The Bang Bang Gang and Lady Avenger

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Mama's Dirty Girls" : $20.00

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