( aka The Gravy Train )


Jack Starrett (Hollywood Man, Kiss My Grits)

STARS: Stacey Keach (Ninth Configuration, Watched), Frederic Forrest (Hammett, Valley Girl), Margot Kidder (Sisters, Heartaches), Barry Primus (Boxcar Bertha, Night Games), Richard Romanus (Mean Streets), Denny Miller (Brainwash), Joe Tornantore (Gumball Rally)

SYNOPSIS: Stacey Keach and Frederic Forrest are two crude hillbillies from West Virginia who get involved with a heist job in Washington, DC. Fed up with working at a factory doing busy work, Keach loudly exclaims his frustration and walks off the job. His buddies (including Primus and Romanus) have a great idea to rob an armored truck. They need one more man for the job and Keach offers up his kid brother (Forrest). Forrest is energetic but not too swift. When Keach shows up with this juicy offer Forrest happily quits his job working in a coal mine. The robbery goes surprisingly smooth but a double cross forces the backwoods brothers into tracking down the traitors and the money. The relationship between Keach and Forrest (both actors are in top form) is great with the two men never doubting one another. Their harebrained ideas always supported by one another. Keach's dream of owning the ultimate seafood restaurant "The Blue Grotto" is a running joke. Kidder show up as a bit of a love interest who helps the boys track down Primus and Romanus. Despite having a lot of laughs and comedic parts the action finale is violent and realistic. This hilarious action comedy was co-written by Terrence Malik. Fans of 70's film like The Hot Rock, The Super Cops and Dollars will enjoy this one. This film is a personal favorite holding up to repeated viewings over the years. Highly recommended.

NOTE: Although we try hard to avoid any films that have station IDs onscreen occasionally there are exceptions like this film. There's a small ID that pops up every 20mins or so in the lower right corner that lasts for 30 seconds.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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