Double Feature




(1992 / 1989)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Crime of Crimes: Alfedo Zacarías (Demonoid) / Shotgun: Addison Randall (The Killing Zone)

STARS: Crime of Crimes: Richard Yniguez, Jeff Celentano (American Ninja 2, Code Name Zebra), Miguel Ángel Rodríguez (El Judicial), David Carradine (Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II), Aldo Ray (Terror on Alcatraz), Bruce Kimball / Shotgun: Stuart Chapin, Rif Hotton (Children of the Corn III), David Marriot (Monster High), Metanel Ryan

SYNOPSIS: Inept rogue cops investigate child abductions, organ harvesting and serial killers in these two ultra low-budget action films.

Crime of Crimes: This film starts off with a sequence that will be repeated throughout the film. An ice cream truck driver (Aldo Ray) at a Los Angeles area park convinces a young child to "go for a ride". The tyke disappears never to be seen again. Even though Ray's character is a convicted molester it turns out he's selling the children to a group that harvests organs for rich families. After the operations the bodies are dumped in the canyon. Two renegade cops are on the case and they're really good at violating people's rights, tainting evidence and beating up innocent suspects. They're so useless even their boss (Carradine) can hardly conceal his dislike of them. A Mexican man is targeted by the cops who think he's the kidnapper but when his daughter is abducted he's cut loose. Eventually the police catch up with the real culprits. David Carradine (who also produced) has a handful of scenes. It looks like Aldo Ray (in his last film appearance) was having fun as the creepy ice cream man who in one scene stuffs a pre-teen girl, bound and gagged, into a cardboard box and tapes it shut! There are a few shoot-outs, fight scenes and a lengthy car chase involving multiple cop cars in which the same tire screeching sound effect is heard over and over. Co-star Miguel Rodríquez has a whopping 272 (and counting) credits to his name!

Shotgun: Here's another cheesy action flick, this time with a tough cop nicknamed "Shotgun" Jones! A vicious serial killer is murdering hookers off the seedy streets of Los Angeles. The killer is actually a rich lawyer who wears a cheap S&M mask, leather vest and carries a whip. He beats the girls bloody until they're dead. Jones and his partner Max are not above smacking around suspects in their search for the killer. But when Jones's prostitute sister is found slain all bets are off. He hands in his badge and picks up his trusty shotgun. It all ends south-of-the-border, ala Rolling Thunder, as Max and an old army buddy drive a Road Warrior-style truck with guns, a grenade launcher (!) and a flame thrower to the villain's hideout. Filled with questionable acting, a few chase scenes, shoot-outs and the aforementioned action-packed finale. Some cool location shooting inside dive bars, skid row hotels and a few porn shops filled with vintage vhs tapes. Plus a shot of the "Pussycat Theatre" marquee circa 1989: Hot Guns / Deep Throat II.

*For more see: Getting Even, One Way Out, Nasty Hero, Street Asylum, Powerforce and Hollywood Cop

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Crime of Crimes / Shotgun" : $30.00

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