DIRECTOR: Jim Matichuk (Ghost Keeper)

STARS: George West, Ray Paisley, Jackie Wray

SYNOPSIS: Canadian made-for-TV film about a building controlled by a computer that goes awry. A creepy tech nerd practically kisses his life's work, a super-computer named "Lola" before leaving for the weekend. She communicates with a HAL-like voice. Lola is designed to control all facets of a high rise business facility. One of it's core programs is to pull energy every time someone touches a switch, uses a phone, copy machine, etc. Unfortunately Lola takes her job a little too seriously this particular weekend as all the overtime workers are being zapped and turned to a pile of dust when they use electronics. A mix of mostly annoying characters are trying to get out. A sexy woman and her criminal boyfriend, the geeky security guard and his hot blonde gal, a comic relief illustrator, etc. They all interact as they work their way down to ground level. Jaw dropping in its execution. It has quite a bit going against it: made-for-TV, shot on video, cheesy video graphics, killer computer! There are some weird touches. In one prolonged sequence the (white) oddball creator of the program spends a night at a go-go club and brings home a black dancer whom he beds! The guard's girlfriend goes for a dip in the building's swimming pool wearing a skimpy bikini. The whole scene is shot like an 80's fetish video. Needless to say this one is unbelievably rare. I never even knew it existed until recently!

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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