DIRECTOR: Arizal (The Stabilizer, Final Score, American Hunter)

STARS: Barry Prima (Warrior, Devil's Sword), Eva Arnav, W.D. Mochtar,

SYNOPSIS: Wild action import with magical / mystical overtones from the prolific, and completely insane, Indonesian director Arizal! Set in a modern day Indonesian village (circa 1982) the opening scene shows an unscrupulous man, "Gundar", killing his guru elder in order to obtain some magical red seeds. The holder of these seeds will have long health and great power. However if a single seed is slipped into a person's drink within minutes it will grow into a tree inside their stomach! This results in branches covered in blood bursting from the belly of the poor victim. Gundar takes control of his village as a crooked mayor and employs dozens of disposable bad guys to do his bidding. Into this setting comes our hero (Barry Prima) riding his motorcycle and saving damsels in distress. He has multiple "Wile E. Coyote"-style encounters with the henchmen (i.e. they saw through a tree trunk and try to drop it on his head, etc). It almost always ends in a wild martial arts, knives & clubs, free-for-all. No guns for these macho men. It's all very entertaining with barely a moment to catch your breath. The villains all cackle and stroke their chins in sadistic glee. Prima's love interest is a great kick-ass fighter too! The gory special effects of the trees busting through chests are really cool. English dubbed version.

Note: This film is dubbed into English with unremovable Dutch subtitles.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

GREEN dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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