Double Feature




(1986 / 1984)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Chuck Vincent (both films) (Summer Camp, New York's Finest)

STARS: Wimps: Louie Bonnano (Sex Appeal), Tracey Adams (Dr. Hooters), Jim Abele, Veronica Hart (as Jane Hamilton) (Deranged, Roommates), Andy Nichols (Cafe Flesh, In Search of the Perfect 10) / Preppies: Dennis Drake, Steven Holt, Peter Brady Reardon, Cindy Manion (The Toxic Avenger), Kat Shea (Hollywood Hot Tubs, Psycho III), Jerry Butler (as Paul Sutton) (Raw Talent, First Time at Cherry High)

SYNOPSIS: Two sex comedies directed by Chuck Vincent for fans of Animal House and Porky's style humor.

Wimps: Nerdy "Francis" (Bonnano) somehow manages to get into a hard-partying all jock fraternity. They all treat him like a second class citizen. But when the meatheads are all in danger of being kicked out of school, and off the team, because of bad grades, he's the only one who can save them. In fact he's the only one with a computer in the entire dorm! This little scheme goes fine and the frat brothers soon appreciate Francis' intelligence. Meanwhile "Charles" (Francis' roommate) is dying to screw a brainy girl named "Roxanne" (sexy Adams) who works at the library. Francis agrees to play "Cyrano" and help out with love letters, whispering in his ear at dinner, outside the dorm window, etc. The problem is that Francis saw Roxanne first and is in love with her. He goes along with the ruse so he won't disappoint his pal but when Charles shows his true colors (and cheats on her) Francis decides enough is enough. An R-rated, made-for-cable, take on the basic plot of Cyrano De Bergerac. This time with frat house hijinks, physical humor and nudity. Tracy Adams gives a surprisingly solid performance and adult film legend Veronica Hart is funny as a boozy hooker that the boys hire.

The lives of three college preppies will be ruined if they don't pass their final exams. One of them will also lose out on his inheritance. This boy's relative (who is next in line for the money) hatches a plan to hire some sluts to distract our heroes while they study so they will fail. Three sexy girls driving around in a black van, named "The Beast" with flames on the side are hired for the job. They're all oversexed and ready to party—even though they hate preppies they soon fall for the privileged dopes. There's lots of running around, sex scenes, chases and silly humor. Future director Katt Shea (Stripped to Kill, Poison Ivy) looks amazing and has a funny scene where she teaches her friend how to fake an orgasm. Jerry Butler turns up in a comical role as a famous soap opera star that one of the girls is obsessed with. Also, look sharp for adult stars Sharon Kane and Tish Ambrose dancing topless at a party.

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

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