DIRECTOR: Bob Brooks

STARS: Bruce Dern (Cycle Savages, Middle Age Crazy), Maude Adams (Octopussy), Leonard Frey (The Boys in the Band), John Getz (Blood Simple), Cynthia Nixon (The Manhattan Project)

SYNOPSIS: After spending time overseas in the military, kooky vet Bruce Dern becomes fascinated with tattoos. He has his entire chest and back done in Japan before returning home to
Hoboken, New Jersey. He sets up a tattoo shop and views his skills with almost religious fervor. Tapped to provide intricate (fake) tattoos for a fancy fashion shoot he meets shapely model Maude Adams. He instantly becomes obsessed and throws himself at her, wooing Adams and taking her out to dinner. He has an old fashioned sense of chivalry treating her like a precious object and even turning down sex until the time is right. This doesn't prevent him from frequenting NY porn shops to interact with peepshow workers. Eventually Adams realizes Dern may be a sociopath and breaks away from him. Dern chloroforms her and throws her body in his trunk. At this point the film turns into a tattoo version of
The Collector as Dern keeps Adams captive at his family's seaside (Ocean City, NJ) vacation house during the off season. He keeps her on a tight leash giving a bit of freedom when she's good and locking her in a closet when she's bad. All the while he's working on her nude body crafting an elaborate tattoo to make her "perfect". She bristles at first but eventually appears to give in to his mad dream. Dern is perfectly cast in this creepy role as someone absolutely convinced what he's doing is normal. Adams spends large chunks of the film nude and is able to show off more dramatic chops than some of her later films roles. A very young Cynthia Nixon plays an underage hooker who wants Dern to tattoo her left tit! A sleazy classic never released on dvd.

*For more see:
Submission, Beyond Erotica and Collector's Item

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Tattoo" : $20.00

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