(aka Pane, Vy jste Vdova!)


DIRECTOR: Václav Vorlícek (The End of Agent W4C)

STARS: Iva Janzurová (Four Murders are Enough, Darling), Olga Schoberová (Who Wants to Kill Jessie?), Eduard Cupák, Jirí Novák (You Are a Widow Sir)

SYNOPSIS: Wildly entertaining body-switch sci-fi comedy from Czechoslovakia. The hero of the film is "Stuart Hample" a nervous wreck of a man with a tic that makes him blink and a terrible stutter. He has the ability to use astrological charts and tell the future with great certainty. The king often relies on him for advice. When a man's limb is lost in a freak accident the king decides to dismantle the army. This leads to a panic with the military brass who decide to assassinate the king. In the process poor Stuart needs to be killed as he could ruin their plans. Their tricky plan involves transplanting the brain of a convicted female mass murderer into a clone of sexy blonde actress "Evelina" (Janzurová), who is friendly with the king. In this near-future Czechoslovakia, limb and brain transplants are a mere formality. However, things go south when Hemple's brain is accidentally put into the clone instead. She/he tries her best to correct the mix-up and save the king but there are so many surprises and unpredictable plot twists that your head will be spinning. Iva Janzurová plays the actress Evelina in a first rate comic performance. First she's serious as the famous thespian and then, as Temple, a stuttering, unsure mess: smoking a pipe, struggling to put a bra on and nervous around her hottie co-star (Schoberová). Without giving anything away… she has to play another character late in the film and it's equally hilarious. It's an inspired and memorable performance and one of the highlights of this fun film. This one is a personal favorite. In spoken Czech language with English subtitles. WIDESCREEN.

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Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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