VHS_childrens Double Feature


( aka Ein Käfer auf Extratour,
aka Superbug on Extratour, aka Superbug, The Wild One )




( aka Das Verrückteste Auto der Welt, aka Superwheels,
aka Maddest Car in the World )

(1973 / 1975)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

(both films) Rudolph Zehetgruber (Kommissar X)

STARS: Superbug Rides Again: Robert Mark (aka Rudolph Zehetgruber), Sal Borgese (Ms Stiletto, Car Crash), Kathrin Oginski, Evelyne Kraft, Walter Giller / Superbug: Craziest Car: Robert Mark, Sal Borgese, Kathrin Oginski, Evelyne Kraft, Walter Giller

SYNOPSIS: The 3rd and 4th entry in the series of "Superbug" (aka DuDu) films

Superbug Rides Again: The 3rd film in the "Superbug" series. Jimmy Bondi (Mark), inventor of the gadget filled "Love Bug"-ish Superbug, gets a call from his old pal Sal to help out with a car stunt show in the UK. Sal is a famous race car driver with an over-the-top Italian accent that would make Chico Marx blush. After some demolition derby action, Jimmy, Sal and the drivers get ripped off by an unscrupulous promoter. The rest of the film follows our heroes in pursuit of the crook and his bumbling henchmen. Along the way they meet up with two grease monkey mechanics who turn out to be sexy ladies (Oginski and Kraft). They help the boys and provide some love interest. Very silly slapstick and humor for the pre-teen set or anyone who grew up on these films in the 70's. Gimmicks in this entry include DuDu flying, skiing down a snowy mountain, climbing walls, a video-phone in the console and a giant key to wind him when he runs out of gas! You also get an English language "DuDu" song over the opening credits. Dubbed English version.

Superbug: The Craziest Car in the World: The 4th film in the "Superbug" series. Jimmy Bondi is back again and so is most of the cast from Superbug Rides Again. But oddly enough some are playing different characters or are introduced as "new" friends like Sal the race car driver!? The girls (Oginski and Kraft) now play nuns who run an orphanage. Anyway, this time around a rich villain bets money for Superbug to lose a big Cannonball Run-style race through the hills and alps of Switzerland while his henchmen do their best to take DuDu out of the competition. If DuDu wins the race the prize money will go to save the orphanage from being closed. To hedge their bets the nuns join the race as well with a VW that has two front ends and can change direction at will. In one scene DuDu has helicopter propellers on his roof so he can fly over the snowy Swiss alps. In an odd new touch DuDu talks in this film as well. His voice sounds a little like Bud Cort's sentient computer in Electric Dreams. He's occasionally neurotic and his favorite phrase seems to be "Some people are just never satisfied". More action packed hijinks and laughs with maybe the highest car crash count of the whole series. Dubbed English version.

*For more see: The Christmas Martian, The Mystery of the Million Dollar Hockey Puck and The Wishing Machine

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Superbug double feature" : $30.00

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