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(1985 / 1988)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Torchlight: Thomas Wright (No Holds Barred, Deadly Game) / Tropical Snow: Ciro Duran

STARS: Torchlight: Pamela Sue Martin, Steve Railsback, (Lifeforce, Helter Skelter), Ian McShane (Deadwood, Con Man) / Tropical Snow: Nick Corri (Nightmare on Elm Street), Madeleine Stowe (Unlawful Entry, Closet Land), David Carradine (Death Race 2000, Crime of Crimes)

SYNOPSIS: Two tales of drug-fueled despair.

Torchlight: After some serious dating Steve Railsback and cute Pamela Sue Martin move in together. He has a very successful construction company and soon they're living the good life. That is until Railsback meets Ian McShane, in maybe his sleaziest role, who introduces him to the pleasures of cocaine! He dives in head first and brings home a glass pipe share with Martin. Like Golum with his ring Railsback has found his precious. She's not happy about this development and refuses to partake. Before long Railsback is spending more time at McShane's mansion doing drugs and screwing hookers! His marriage starts falling apart along with his business. Pretty soon he's selling off his belongings to feed the habit. Falling somewhere between serious drama and exploitation, this is a good drug film. The three stars are all doing great work especially McShane.

Tropical Snow: Two desperate lovers in Columbia accept an offer from a shady criminal (David Carradine) to sneak drugs into the United States. Nick Corri and Madeline Stowe are deep in both love and debt. They occasionally make money at the airport by scamming tourists out of their luggage or wallets. Stowe works at a sleazy bar where men grope her. Their dream is to one day make it to the United States, specifically New York. A drug runner, David Carradine, approaches the couple to smuggle cocaine to the U.S. At first they refuse but when Corri is thrown in jail on theft charges Stowe becomes desperate and agrees. In a memorable "training" sequence Carradine yells at Stowe as she gags trying to swallow a giant bowl full of grapes, whole and one at a time. He wants her to get used to ingesting the balloons full of cocaine. The climax of the film has the two doomed lovers trying to get to the U.S. without being arrested or killed. Slow at times, this film is unique in that it shows the process of being a drug mule from the smuggler's point of view. Carradine is having a ball with his character as he toys with a shaky Columbian accent. Sleazy thrills with Stowe getting naked for numerous sex scenes.

*For more see: Best Revenge, Florida Straits, Los Olvidados and Perros Callejeros

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Torchlight / Tropical Snow" : $30.00

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