( aka Strikeback, aka Kalt Wie Eis )


DIRECTOR: Carl Schenkel (Dracula Blows His Cool, Out of Order)

STARS: Dave Balko, Hanns Zishler, Rolf Eden, Brigitte Wollner

SYNOPSIS: Excellent juvenile delinquent film from West Germany. Our young hero Dave takes the rap for a crime and gets sent away. After his parole is denied he breaks out of the juvenile detention center and goes on the run. He returns to his old stomping grounds and catches up with some unsavory characters that owe him. More often that not it ends in a bloody brawl or death. His girlfriend, Corinna, is played by the amazingly sexy 20-year-old playmate Brigitte Wollner. She has a couple of full frontal nude scenes and a fairly graphic sex scene too. She's happy that Dave is free but can't stop his suicidal desire to even the score with his ex cohorts. The film has a nihilistic feel to it similar to the early 80's films of Alan Clarke like Scum or Made in Britain. There's a motorcycle chase, a punk gang, underground clubs, straight razor torture and more. The soundtrack is filled with cool 80's German punk music. Highly recommended. Another J4HI offering with zero reviews on the IMDB!

*For more see:
Vicious, Die Bad, Queen City Rocker and Hell Bent

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Strikeback": $20.00

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