(aka S For Sex )



(aka Pleasure Palace )

(1971 / 1973)

(Double Feature on 1 dvd)

Summer Heat: Daniel Daert / Corrupted: Ed Hunt (Bloody Birthday)

STARS: Summer Heat: Patrice Pascal, Nicole Avril / Corrupted: Tom Celli, Janice Duval, Nicky Fylan, George Scott

SYNOPSIS: Two Sexploitation rarities on one disc

Summer Heat: Young Philippe is staying in the country home of his sexy Aunt Nadia. He becomes obsessed with her and watches her disrobe and have sex. A new maid is brought into the home and Philippe hatches the idea of getting his uncle to bang the maid and leave the MILF aunt for himself. He seduces the maid and takes nude photos of her. Then gets the pics to his uncle to seal the deal. Themes of voyeurism, incest, obsession and even a little sadism are on display along with tons of nudity and sex. The women are especially attractive in this film. It has almost none of the humor found in most Euro sex films and plays more like the obsessive love drama Deep End. Running time: 1hr 7 mins.

Corrupted: Here's a rare Canadian lensed sexploitation film (with an American director). Bored architect George wanders Canada's version of NYC's "The Deuce". He explores strip bars and sleazy shops but ultimately winds up at 'Jingles Photo Palace'. It's a place where you pay to rent a camera and take photos of the naked girls who work there. Plenty of nudity and fetishes are involved. The plot turns when the owner and his girlfriend have plans of blackmail involving some of their horny clientele. Some great vintage location shots of Canada's seedier sections circa 1973. Running time 1hr 11mins.

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Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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