Marius Mattei (The French Sex Murders)

STARS: Janine Linde (aka Janine Lindemulder), Linda Blair, Ernest Borgnine (Young Warriors, Emperor of the North Pole), Stuart Whitman (Invincible Six, Delta Fox), Charles Pitt (Supervixens)

SYNOPSIS: Video stores in the 80's and early 90's were stocked with nudity-filled thrillers like this film. Despite the star billing of an Oscar winner and Oscar nominee (Borgnine and Blair) the main character is "Allison" played by future porn star Janine Linde (née Janine Lindemulder). The film opens with Allison and her boyfriend running around half naked at their beach house. A mysterious biker dressed in black leather, and wearing a darkened helmet, shoots her boyfriend but she's able to escape and flag down a passing van. The vehicle is pursued by the biker who shoots wildly and causes it to crash. Left for dead, Allison wakes up in the hospital where her nurse (Blair) assumes she has amnesia. It turns out that her dead boyfriend stole money from a mafia boss (Whitman doing his best New York Italian accent). Both Whitman and the killer are trying to track down the millions in cash and Allison holds the key. Meanwhile, Blair's drippy tennis pro boyfriend and Allison fall hard for each other even though she may be his long lost (thought to be dead) daughter! Other characters include a detective (Borgnine) and annoying newswoman trying to catch the killer. Linde looks gorgeous and gets naked at every opportunity parading around the house topless, jumping into hot tubs and jogging down the beach in slo-mo. Her acting chops are right in line with a porn star of the 90's. Four years after this film, Linde made her first XXX feature. There are plenty of sex scenes, shoot-outs and a long car chase finale. The soundtrack has seven original, oh-so-80's, songs.

*For more see: Overkill, Courier of Death and Crime of Crimes

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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