DIRECTOR: Dick Lowry (Angel Dusted, Smokey & The Bandit Part 3)

STARS: Eugene Roch (Mr. Ricco), Brian Dennehy (First Blood), Grant Goodeve ("Eight is Enough"), William Windom (Mean Dog Blues), Penny Peyser (The In-Laws), Stephen Furst (Animal House), Gloria DeHaven, Patrick Swayze (Steel Dawn), Adam Baldwin (Full Metal Jacket), Tony Randall (Foolin' Around), Elisha Cook Jr. (Blacula), Graham Jarvis (Mr. Mom), Joe Kapp (The Longest Yard)

SYNOPSIS: In a small midwestern town police (the Pigs) and longhairs (the Freaks) sometimes clash in mostly harmless ways. After two hotheaded cops (Dennehy & Swayze) hassle the local hippies (including Goodeve & Furst), a football challenge is offered. The stuffy Mayor (Windom) and police chief (Roch) think it's a great idea. This despite the fact that Goodeve is the chief's son! The two teams start practicing for the grudge match while spying and playing practical jokes on each other along the way. A local bookie (Cook Jr.) accepts illegal bets from all the townsfolk (including the mayor). Dennehy enlists two local hookers to work as cheerleaders for the Pigs. A draft dodger hiding in Canada (big Adam Baldwin in a terrible fake beard) is convinced to return home to help the Freaks team. Complicating things further, cute hippie Peyser is Swayze's sister and Goodie's girlfriend! By the end both groups learn a lesson in tolerance and friendship. Silly PG rated fun with obvious influence from Animal House including that film's co-star Furst, this time as a constantly stoned hippie. In the same year this was made Dennehy was hassling another longhair named "John Rambo" but a football game wouldn't fix that problem. This was only Swayze's third feature film. The film got its inspiration from a real life tradition during the Vietnam war.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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