VHS_sticker_horror Double Feature


( aka The Wife )



( aka The Kill )

(1973 / 1968)

Double Feature on 1 DVD

DIRECTOR: Gary Graver (And When She Was Bad…, Garage Girls, Trick or Treats)

STARS: Midnight Intruders: Francoise Darc, Alain Mayniel, Alex Cahpuis / Blood Hunger: Antoinette Maynard, Walt Phillips, Sharon Wells, Uschi Digard (Erotic Advs of Pinocchio, Manson Massacre)

SYNOPSIS: Two extremely rare Gary Graver films on one disc

Midnight Intruders: After a quick sex scene a jerky man leaves his wife behind while he goes on short business trip. As soon as he's gone the lonely wife calls her secret boyfriend, in bed with two very young girls at the time, and tells him to come over. They have sex in a steam room, a bed and then more fun in the shower. Almost five sex scenes before the 30 minute mark! Things get violent when the husband comes home early and beats the lover with a ceramic ashtray. He drags the bloody body into a closet and then goes after his cheating wife. She gets the upper hand and kills him. Then….while she's in the middle of a breakdown two wild druggies break into her house and terrorize her! It's like two movies in one. Pure sex for the first half and violence and mayhem for the rest. There's a nightmarish sequence where the intruders shoot heroin into the wife, strip her and molest her. One amazing shot of a topless woman running through a car tunnel at night will stick with you. This one is action packed from start to finish. Running time: 1hr.

Blood Hunger: This is a very weird one. A comedy relief private detective is hired by a sexy young woman (Antoinette Maynard). She was abducted and raped by a gang of drug dealers wearing suits and ties. Her brother is mixed up in the gang and wants the P.I. to help save him. She has sex with the detective and stays in his office. Later, a blind hunchback janitor comes in and she rides his hump to an orgasm! There are more scenes of violence and a lengthy car chase through the worst industrial area of Los Angeles. A throat slashing, lesbian fun and a big shoot-out finale. Uschi Digard runs topless through a park. There's no location sound. The film is mostly narrated. With some parts post-dubbed, weird sound effects and music. This is much more of a comedy than anything else. Running time: 1hr 8mins. (Note: the IMDB list running time of only 45mins but this one is much longer)

Bonus: Video previews

*For more see: Blackout, My Deep Hunger, Home Sweet Home, Night God Screamed, Abduction and Manson Massacre

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Midnight Intruders / Blood Hunger" : $20.00

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