(aka Shen Tan Guang Tou Mei)


DIRECTOR: Michael Mak (Sex and Zen)

STARS: Bruce Baron (Ninja Destroyer), Bruce Li (Return of the Tiger), Mandy Moore, James Barnett

SYNOPSIS: Don't let the poster on this one fool you. Sometimes the cool artwork is better than the actual film — but this one is absolutely action packed! Taking place in 1982 a princess is kidnapped by an evil villain who wants to control her country's natural resources. On the case is "Jack Sergeant". He's a combination of James Bond and Bruce Lee with a few wisecracks thrown in. He's an experienced martial artist who's adept at handling weapons. He teams up with the powerforce of the title (aka "Dragon Force") led by Bruce Li which includes both men and women fighters. The finale has our heroes on an Enter the Dragon-style island filled with karate killers and ninjas. This is a really entertaining exploitation romp. There's an action scene almost every 10-15 minutes throughout the film. The fights are all varied from one another, well choreographed and take place in various locations. They feature knives, swords, chains, ninja stars, staffs, guns, smoke bombs, cat claws, a spiked bat and more. You even get some full frontal nudity. You won't be disappointed.

*For more see:
Sakura Killers, Overkill, The Retrievers and Killers on Wheels

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Powerforce" : $20.00

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