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(Double Feature DVD on one disc!)

DIRECTOR: Nutcase: Roger Donaldson (Smash Palace, No Way Out) / Mystery Island: Gene W. Scott

STARS: Nutcase: Melissa Donaldson, Peter Shand, Nevan Rowe / Mystery Island: Jayson Duncan, Niklas Juhlin

SYNOPSIS: Two kids film rarities from New Zealand and Australia.

Nutcase: Here's a short film that I imagine many New Zealand kids grew up loving in the early 1980's. An silly gang of villains have planted bombs in dormant volcanoes along the city of Auckland. They threaten to detonate them which would get the lava flowing and cause havoc. The bumbling cops aren't sure how to handle the situation. Meanwhile a trio of pre-teen kids work on a machine that can reverse time although they're not exactly sure how to work it. The kids stumble onto the villain's hideout, the machine is stolen, the cops are dosed with "Happy Chappy Powder" and a Benny Hill-style chase with a garbage truck, bicycle, motorcycle and cop car figure into the finale. This featurette is very faced paced and honestly funny. I can see why people have a fond memory of it. The best part is the leader of the gang is a leather-clad woman named "Evil Eva" (a hilarious Nevan Rowe). She has a heavy German accent, wild hair and extreme make-up. In two song and dance numbers, along with her two slapstick goons, she sings into the camera and looks like Nina Hagen. The best song, about the "Happy Chappy Powder" will stick in your head. (Running time: 49 mins)

Mystery Island: A group of Australian kids find an old boat and wind up stuck on what they think is a deserted island. After some fun time of roughing it they find out that a crusty old "pirate" lives there. But bigger problems arise when a cache of counterfeit money is found and the criminal owners return to pick it up. Low key thrills with lots of sunny ocean scenery and underwater sequences. It reminds me of the live action segments that used to run between cartoons and animal costume slapstick on the Banana Splits Show. (Running time: 1hr 15 mins)

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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