Special Two DVD Disc set!

DIRECTOR: Overkill: Ulli Lommel (The Boogeyman, Strangers in Paradise) / Hollywood Cop: Amir Shervan (Samurai Cop)

STARS: Overkill: Steve Rally, John Nishio / Hollywood Cop: David Goss, James Mitchum (Code Name: Zebra), Cameron Mitchell (Kill Squad, Nightmare in Wax), Troy Donahue (Love-Thrill Murders), Aldo Ray (And Hope to Die, Mongrel), Lincoln Kilpatrick (The Omega Man, Flicks, Honky)

SYNOPSIS: Two low budget cop action films shot in the Los Angeles area.

Overkill: This film is classic example of low budget 80's action. Beefcake "Mickey Delano" (Rally) and his partner bend the rules as two Los Angeles street cops who wear white sneakers, tight jeans and wife-beaters on the job. After witnessing a shakedown gone wrong at an Asian restaurant they become concerned that the strength of the Yakuza in the U.S. is getting too strong. When their chief won't back them they spend their free time watching the crime bosses and their activities. This includes planting an illegal bug, intimidating suspects and rolling around with a topless hooker before getting some information. Not to mention a scene where Delano goes undercover at a 'Chippendales' style nightclub and dances onstage! Eventually an agent from Japan shows up and Delano forms an uneasy alliance with him against the Yakuza. Former 'Playgirl Playmate' Rally is constantly near shirtless in the film. The Japanese agent speaks mostly in "Charlie Chan" like words of wisdom. Packed with shoot-outs, drugs, nudity and a little gore (the Asian cop has a penchant for leaving his victims alive but taking a body part like an ear or a finger!). The term "Yakuza" is repeated about 100 times thoughout the film as if the director was worried the audience would forget. Cheesy fun.

Hollywood Cop: Mean mob boss Jim Mitchum sends his men to kidnap a young boy. The kid is held as collateral until the father returns a bag full of money he stole. Even though she's told not to contact the police the distraught mother runs into good guy cop "Turkey" and explains her situation. He and his partner "Jaguar" (Kilpatrick) offer to quietly help. In one early action scene the cops break up a gang rape and chase the creeps outside. The woman's husband finds one rapist in an alley and cuts his head off with a machete! The bulk of the action has the cops playing cat and mouse with Mitchum's endless supply of dopey goons. There are shoot-outs, martial arts, car chases and nude scenes as well as over-the-top acting. Kilpatrick provides some comedy relief including scene where he ends up oil wrestling two girls in a bar. Mitchell plays the classic "I'll-have-your-badge!" angry police captain. Aldo Ray has one scene as the owner of an upscale whorehouse. If you've seen the director's other films like Killing American Style, Young Rebels and the infamous Samurai Cop you'll know what to expect.

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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