( aka The Search, aka Das T
ödliche Inserat )


Juan Carlos Desanzo (Deadly Revenge)

STARS: Rodolfo Ranni (Cocaine Wars), Andrea Tenuta (The Official Story), Luisina Brando

SYNOPSIS: Forgotten 'Rape / Revenge' film from Argentina. A young 20-something woman "Patricia" lives with her parents and pre-teen brother in a nice suburb. One day three armed men invade their home and tie them up. The criminal leader shows his face while the two younger hoods hide behind masks. Their crime scheme is somewhat convoluted as they've placed an ad for a luxury car in the paper at a low price. As each prospective buyer arrives they grab them and steal their cash. The two young creeps soon get bored and begin sexually molesting the mother. It all ends with the father being shot and killed while the brother ends up in a catatonic state. Weeks later our heroine hatches a plan to track the men down. She begins frequenting nightclubs and seedy parts of town. She gets a job at a high-end brothel as a waitress. She recognizes one henchman at her job by his distinctive laugh and a necklace he wears. She seduces him and drops an engine block onto his chest in bloody fashion. For the finale the leader and 2nd henchman fight it out with Patricia back at the house where it all started. There's some good violence and brief nudity. Fans of 'Rape / Revenge' films probably never heard of this one. In dubbed English language. A nice WIDESCREEN transfer.

*For more see: Sudden Death, Deranged, Cry Rape and Rape of Love

Widescreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "La Búsqueda" : $20.00

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