(aka Messer im Kopf)


DIRECTOR: Reinhard Hauff

STARS: Bruno Ganz (The American Friend), Angela Winkler (The Tin Drum), Hans Christian Blech (Bridge at Remagen), Heinz Hoenig, Hans Brenner

SYNOPSIS: A scientist is shot in the head by police during a political riot and must go through intense rehabilitation to regain his memory and the ability to live a normal life. German New Wave acting legend Bruno Ganz is the man in question. We see his character "Berthold" for only a few minutes at the start of the film before the shooting takes place. In the hospital he can barely talk and it takes quite a while before he improves. We learn about him through the other characters in the film. His ex wife and her lover, both political radicals, want to use him to show police brutality. Meanwhile, the tough detective on the case thinks Berthold is connected to the radicals and deserved what he got. The question is whether or not the cop who shot him acted in self defense? Or was he simply being too aggressive? As Berthold's rehabilitation improves so does his memory. Both he, and the audience, start learning the truth of what really happened. All the actors are fine with Ganz adding another memorable character to his resume. Angela Winkler does a nice job as Berthold's duplicitous wife. Recommended. In German language with yellow English subtitles.

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Slightly widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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