(aka Formula 3 - L Ragazzi dell'autodromo)


DIRECTOR: Andrea Bianchi (Strip Nude for Your Killer, Burial Ground)

STARS: Carmen Di Pietro (Snack Bar Budapest), Teadosio Losito, Paul Green, Albert Collins

SYNOPSIS: A young hotshot "Frank" tries to join the Formula Three team of top ranked racer "Roy". Even though his trial run is impressive, Roy is jealous and tells him to get lost. The track mechanic, a former racer, sees potential in Frank and offers to let him use his car so he can compete. The mechanic's sexy big butt daughter "Louise" flirts with Frank but it's top billed Di Pietro (Roy's girlfriend) who gets him into bed first. Roy also uses goons to sabotage Frank and spy on him. It all leads up to a championship showdown between the two men. On the surface this looks like a low budget Days of Thunder rip-off but it's pure late night cable sexploitation. Almost all the driving scenes feature one car going around the track in a trial run. Most of the real action takes place with characters having sex in cars, garages, a shower, in the woods, etc. Busty Di Pietro is purely sex driven, constantly writhing around and getting naked for the bulk of the film's fucking. Blonde love interest Louise works at the racetrack's snack shop and wears "Coke" emblazoned clothing throughout the entire film. Roy looks and acts like a combination of Val Kilmer and James Spader in full late 80's bad boy mode. There's a huge homoerotic tension between Roy and Frank that's never addressed. The English dubbed voices are hilariously bad along with the terrible dialogue like this:

Frank: "Forgive me for disturbing your emotional equilibrium."
Louise: "Hey listen, you couldn't disturb my emotional equilibrium no matter how hard you tried."
Frank: "Even if I tried to kiss you?"
Louise: "Don't even try. Understand?"

It was the second to last film from the man who brought you
Strip Nude for Your Killer, Burial Ground and Angel of Death.

*For more see:
Erotic Three, Nathalie, Nasty Hero and Sensual Partners

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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