DIRECTOR: Jeff Kwitny (Beyond the Door III)

STARS: Debra De Liso (Slumber Party Massacre, Dr. Caligari), Doug Stevenson, Ron Kologie, Lisa Loring ("The Addams Family")

SYNOPSIS: A group of rich annoying friends are partying and skiing at an upscale resort. One man gets upset when his friend hits on the girl he likes. Later that night while his friend bangs his blonde object of desire he goes for an angry ski run. It ends when he dies in a bone-crunching crash. Years later the remaining friends all receive a free weekend invitation to a new ski resort. They all accept and one by one they're murdered in a variety of ways by a killer wearing the dead man's ski outfit and bloody goggles: giant icicle to the eye, electrocution, run over by snow plow, etc. Lisa ("Wednesday Addams") Loring co-stars as one of the friends with 80's teased hair, big boobs and sexy outfits. Her character is a sex-starved nympho who has a fully nude scene in a hot tub! This low budget slasher has a decent amount of skin, blood and silly cheesiness to keep fans entertained.

*For more see: Midnight Intruders, Eyeball, Night God Screamed, Young-Evil-Savage and Rocktober Blood

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Iced" : $20.00

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