DIRECTOR: Fernando Di Leo (Italian Connection, Caliber 9)

STARS: Henry Silva (Megaforce, Shoot), Edmund Purdom (Pieces), Davila Lazzaro

SYNOPSIS: Henry Silva stars as one member of a group of professional criminals hired to pull off a robbery. Each man (or woman) has a specialty: safecracker, driver, assassin, bomb expert, etc. The anonymous client is Edmund Purdom who watches the group discuss their plans via hidden camera. The group is tasked with infiltrating a military lab to steal documents from a safe. They also need to blow up the entire facility to hide their crime. The caper takes up a good amount of screen time and even though it's not exactly Riffifi it's still fun. Sexy Davila Lazzaro, who moonlights as a night club singer, is in charge of setting the bombs! When the buildings explode we see miniature models going up in a fiery blaze that would make Antonio Margheriti proud (see Car Crash and Ark of the Sun God). After the job is completed Purdom orders his hitmen to kill the crew so no witnesses are left. They manage to knock off everyone except for "killer" Silva and the driver. In order to survive they need to strike first and strike hard. Silva's weapon of choice is a grenade launcher! Most people would think it would be overkill but seeing him blow numerous henchmen to bits with his weapon is pretty wild. There are shoot-outs, explosions, car chases and a killer cheetah (courtesy Silva's private zoo) in this forgotten actioner. It's much trashier than classic Di Leo films like Caliber 9, Italian Connection, The Boss, etc but also very entertaining. In Italian language with English subtitles. WIDESCREEN

*For more see:
Squadra Antiscippo, Target Eagle, Mission to Kill, Fireback and Red: The Half Breed

Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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