DIRECTOR: Robert Niemack

SYNOPSIS: Interesting time capsule of sex workers in the early 80's. This low budget documentary was originally shown on cable TV. It was ahead of it's time for later HBO hits like Real Sex and Hookers at the Point. The film is broken into 3 parts. First up is "Call Girls". Two ladies are interviewed at length about their work. Clients come to their apartment and explore fantasies. We see them working over a fetish customer. He gets dressed in woman's clothes, tied up and lightly disciplined. It's fairly graphic but tame. The girls philosophize and talk about future plans. The second segment is "Nude Modeling Parlor". We meet a woman who owns and runs her own massage parlor. She's very intelligent, sexually free and no nonsense. Her husband helps run the business. A lengthy scene shows her talking with a few of her girls as they trade stories and describe their favorite (or weirdest) customers. The last segment is "Streetwalkers". Black pimp Harold has about 7 women who work for him. He seems pretty laid back and just collects what little crumbs these poor women can bring in. One of his girls, 20-year old Lori, is pregnant with Harold's baby. Shot on film in 1982, with mostly fly-on-the-wall type footage, the interviews are refreshingly candid and honest. As you might expect the real-life women of this film are not supermodels. Their attractiveness is on a sliding scale with the Call Girls at the top and the Streetwalkers at the bottom. It's pretty sobering and depressing at times. Some scantily clad bodies but no real overt nudity.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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