(aka Mustang: The House that Joe Built)



(1978 / 1986)

Double Feature DVD on one disc!

DIRECTOR: Mustang: Robert Guralnick / Beverly Hills Call Girls: Bert Rhine

STARS: Mustang: various unknowns / Beverly Hills Call Girls: Crystal Breeze, Scarlett Greene

SYNOPSIS: Two hours of late 70's early 80's prostitution fun!

Tagline: "The Inside Story of America's First and Biggest Legal Brothel"

Relentlessly down & dirty look at the first legal brothel in Nevada. It captures every sweaty, sleazy, depressing detail of prostitutes and their johns...and it's all the better for it. Back in 1978, unlike today, people weren't quite as savvy or experienced with having a camera stuck in their face. They were more relaxed and honest. One result is this fascinating film. The working girls talk about the gritty business of sex including the various kinks of their customers. Some men are interviewed as well. Through it all we have the owner and ringmaster Joe Conforte as he gives a grand tour of the ranch to the filmmakers, lives the high life off the girl's earnings and dreams of a day when brothels are legal all over the U.S.A.! He looks and sounds like a Mafia boss in a low-budget crime film. Recommended for sleaze lovers.

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Beverly Hills Call Girls: Softcore rarity parading as a "real" documentary of Beverly Hills call girls. This one is painfully of the 1980's with dated hairstyles, clothing and make-up on these porn star wannabes. Shot on video, each girl talks about the escort business before stripping down and writhing around naked for the viewer's pleasure.

*For more reality sleaze see:
Hooker, Jabberwalk,Libidomania, Go! Go! Go! World, Confessions of a Blue Movie Star, This is America 2 & 3 and Fallen Angels

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Mustang" : $20.00

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