DIRECTOR: James Goldstone (They Only Kill Their Masters, Rollercoaster)

STARS: Bradford Dillman (The Swarm, One Away), Harry Guardino (Dirty Harry), Michael J Pollard (Hannibal Brooks), Pat Hingle, Hope Lange

SYNOPSIS: Bradford Dillman plays a man suffering from amnesia courtesy of a few tabs of LSD. A dead body complicates matters. Meanwhile private dick Harry Guardino tries to help figure out what really happened. Co-star Michael J Pollard is the oddball (natch) drug dealer. Basically a re-make of 1965's Mirage. From a 16mm print.

QUALITY NOTE: The original print of this film is worn. That is to say there are scratches and lines throughout the film. The picture sharpness and the audio are FINE. Personally I find it very watchable - but a warning for the perfectionists in the crowd!

*For more mystery see: Con Man, Color Me Dead, The Young - The Evil and The Savage, Act of Agression and Enigma Rosso

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Jigsaw" : $20.00

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