DIRECTOR: Gideon Amir (POW: The Escape)

STARS: Edward Albert (Getting Even, Terminal Entry), Leigh Taylor-Young (Soylent Green, Looker), Jon Cypher (Food of the Gods), Candice Hillebrand

SYNOPSIS: Conspiracy thriller with engineer Edward Albert investigating shady business at his lab when terrorists show interest in some new deadly technology. Taylor-Young and her team make a secret deal to sell a machine that looks like a little flying saucer with a ray gun thingy that can fry a human's brain in their skull and make it look like a natural death. They make this covert agreement while the creator of the tech (Albert) is on vacation with his daughter. A close-call crash with their jeep appears normal but then more "accidents" happen to people connected to the secret project. When Albert returns home he starts to uncover the mystery and convince Taylor-Young of the mistake she's made. Despite the misleading box art above (the guy with the gun doesn't appear in the film) this isn't really a full-out action film. It's more conspiracy thriller like Three Days of the Condor or The Parallax View. There is a lengthy car chase with Albert evading bad guys in his jeep and the finale has some good gunplay action in the research lab / warehouse. Albert makes a likable hero and John Cypher is nice and sleazy as the head of the company. Most of the supporting cast have Australian accents.

*For more see:
Terminal Entry, The Vindicator, Interface and Prime Risk

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

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