DIRECTOR: Sandor Stern (Pin)

STARS: Gerald McRaney (American Justice, Night of Bloody Horror), Shawnee Smith (The Blob, Saw), Sean McCann, Barry Flatman

SYNOPSIS: Compelling true crime story of mid-80's serial killer Christopher Wilder and one of his victims. Gerald McRaney is downright chilling as a serial rapist / killer who is quickly adding up a body count. He fine tunes his preying skills by going to shopping malls and finding attractive young women. He snaps their photo and tells them he's a fashion photographer / talent scout. If he can persuade them to go to a nearby lake or wooded area it will be the last thing they do. McRaney terrorizes and then shoots or stabs the women before leaving them in a ditch. Things change when he runs into cute "Tina" (Shawnee Smith). Her reaction to being told that she will die is to freeze up. McRaney decides to let her live and takes her along on a violent road trip. He keeps her in line by constantly threatening, slapping and raping her. It's not long before her "Stockholm Syndrome" kicks in and she even asks if she can drive his car. McRaney likes having her around to entertain him. But his urge to kill means he still has to find new victims. He enlists Tina to help him. Meanwhile local and federal authorities are closing in. In addition to McRaney's unforgettable performance, Shawnee Smith (only 17 years old at the time) is equally good as a shell-shocked teen trying to survive an unimaginable situation. This made-for-TV movie really pushes the boundaries for a touchy subject and is surprisingly dark. Highly recommended.

*For more see:
Cry Rape, Zebra Killer, Night of the Juggler and Murder: No Apparent Motive

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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