Double Feature




(1977 / 1975)

(Double Feature on one DVD)

Nick Millard both films (as Jan Anders) (Criminally Insane, Satan's Black Wedding)

STARS: .357 Magnum: Marland Stewart, James Whitworth (Fandango, Hills Have Eyes), Kathryn Hayes, Priscilla Alden / Alcatraz Breakout: Marland Stewart, Gary Boyd, Silvi Walter

SYNOPSIS: Two extremely rare, no-budget, Nick Millard films. A little over 2hrs of weirdness.

.357 Magnum: Director Nick Millard gets ambitious and tries his hand at international espionage and murder. A career assassin, Johnathan Hightower (Stewart), knocks off a political figure in Angola and then returns to his base in the UK for more orders. His proper British speaking boss sends him to the Hong Kong on another assignment. He's job is to eliminate a rival assassin who is killing CIA agents. This killer has an Amish beard and leaves a body count as he travels the globe. Hightower insists on having an as his old partner, Barrett, on this assignment. Barrett has a reputation as an expert shot but also as an expert drinker. Hightower goes to his ranch house and they practice shooting including one exercise where the men try to shoot bullets 6 inches from one another's head! Later, the men visit Tombstone and a few shots of old gunslinger's graves are flipped on the negative causing the names to be backwards! After getting ambushed our hero ends up in the hospital with a messed up hand. He recovers and learns to shoot lefty for his showdown with beardo. Towards the end of the film there's a 5 minute long sequence of a nude woman writhing on the floor and sucking a vibrator while Hightower's boss watches. I imagine it's a clip from another Millard film. Some scenes have little to no sound effects. Guns are fired with no flash from the barrel. The star of Millard's Criminally Insane, Priscilla Alden, appears for one scene. If you've ever seen a film by this director before you know what to expect. Jaw-dropping. Running time: 1hr 10mins

Alcatraz Breakout: No budget account of a prisoner on Alcatraz Island and his attempts at escape. This film boasts another leading role for Marland Stewart as well as three other actors from .357 Magnum. Inmate #1313-0 arrives at Alcatraz and almost immediately starts to plan a breakout. He tries and fails a few times over the course of the story. One escape plan arises when the mean warden asks him to plant a cactus garden along the one side of the island. Another is when he knocks out some of his own teeth to file down a bar in his cell! Most of the shots are close-ups on the actor's faces. There's not a minute of this film that feels like the characters are in an operating prison. Inside the jail it's completely silent except for actor's voices. No more than three prisoners are ever shown in a single shot. The majority of action takes place in two jail cells or against a wall in the yard. I think the filmmaker may have shot some of the footage secretly while touring Alcatraz. Running time: 56 mins.

*For more see:
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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

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