Joseph Merhi (Last Man Standing, L.A. Heat)

STARS: Pamela Dixon (L.A. Crackdown), Jody Jaress, Flint Keller, Robert Z'Dar (Maniac Cop, Dead End City)

SYNOPSIS: This obscure shot-on-video wonder is brought to you by the team of Joseph Merhi and Richard Pepin (aka PM Entertainment), the duo responsible for such films as: L.A. Crackdown, Shotgun, Mayhem and Living to Die. "Allen" is a Hollywood hopeful who moves to L.A. in hopes of fame and fortune - but he ends up working at a butcher shop in the seedy part of town instead. Across the street is a sketchy movie theater, "The Century", playing: Sex Hunt and The Mechanics! One night after hours a young woman "Lisa" comes into the shop followed by two thugs. After a fight in the back room the two thugs end up dead in a pool of blood. Allen falls for Lisa and gets sucked into a world of murder, drugs and a criminal gang. It turns out Lisa stole a ton of money from her ex "Manny" (Big baddie Robert Z'Dar). Z'Dar seems to be doing his very best "Tony Montana" impression with a questionable accent and over-the-top emoting. He and his endless supply of goons spend the film trying to track down and kill our doomed heroes. Despite the title and poster art this is not a horror film but a crime thriller. Murders include a cleaver to the head, a garroting, a stabbing and lots of shootings. In a scene completely unrelated to the main story some teenage kids steal a pocketbook from a hooker. They toss it back and forth teasing her until she pulls out a knife and stabs one kid… to death. The mean streets of Hollywood are cold indeed.

*For more see: Street Asylum Skull: Night of Terror, Sunset Strip and Overkill

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Fresh Kill" : $20.00

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