José Ramón Larraz (Whirlpool, Edge of the Axe)

STARS: Karl Lanchbury (Vampires, Erotic Inferno), Sibylla Grey, Lisbet Lundquist (Quiet Days in Clichy)

SYNOPSIS: After a car crash on a desolate road in the English countryside, a middle-aged man and his mistress are "saved" by a young couple. They give them a bed for the night and slip drugs into their drinks. The couple turns out to be a kinky brother and sister who throw wild parties with group sex, drugs and violence. The brother's hobby is taxidermy and he wants to move from stuffing animals to stuffing humans. When our hapless hero discovers what they're up to, he's killed and his body is left on a slab in the basement. This leaves the mistress behind on her own. The sister, who has a crush on the girl, tells her that the married boyfriend left without her and she should stay. Soon the lonely visitor is joining in on the debauchery and games but eventually she gets wise to their dark deeds. A good dose of blood and violence and more nudity and sex than you might expect. The film has an overall sleazy feel to it and reminds me of films by Pete Walker (especially House of Whipcord) and also the 1968 shocker Behind Locked Doors. Stelvio Cipriano (Bay of Blood, Blindman, Rabid Dogs) provides the score. A real rarity.

*For more see:
Hungry Young Women, Erotic Passion and Super Bitch

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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