DIRECTOR: Ralph Colelli

STARS: Michael Speero, Dennis Romer, Jenny Herron

SYNOPSIS: Forgotten independent film about a young man mixed up in a small town murder mystery. There's about 30 or so films on J4HI that have zero reviews on the IMDB — this film isn't even listed on the world's biggest film site. Johnny is a twenty-something small town guy working as a night watchman at a beer warehouse. One night while he's on duty a few criminals are shot by a sniper as they try to steal a truckload of Pabst Blue Ribbon. He gets promoted to a higher position and teams up with a likable hard drinking Nam vet. The two mostly eat donuts, drink and goof off. But soon Johnny starts noticing strange things at a nearby abandoned factory and starts to piece together the real truth behind the murders. A blonde reporter is his love interest and she helps investigate the mystery. A little on the slow side and safe enough for a PG rating. Nonetheless the film is competently made and acted. Everything was shot on location in Ohio. One action scene takes place at a run down amusement park ("Sandy Beach Amusement Park" on Indian Lake). The last 15 mins is action filled with a warehouse chase, fights and shoot-outs.

*For more see:
The Heatwave Lasted Four Days, Hit and Run and A Flash of Green

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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