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(1968 / 1971)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Dayton's Devils: Jack Shea (The Monitors) / Day of the Wolves: Ferde Grofé Jr (Hell Raiders)

STARS: Dayton's Devils: Rory Calhoun (Motel Hell), Leslie Nielsen (Day of the Animals), Lainie Kazan, Eric Braeden (TV's Young and the Restless), Georg Stanford Brown, Bruce Glover, Bo Hopkins (Wild Bunch) / Day of the Wolves: Richard Egan (The 300 Spartans), Jan Murray (Who Killed Teddy Bear?), Martha Hyer, Biff Elliot

SYNOPSIS: Two rare caper films with "Dirty Dozen" style groups committing robberies.

Dayton's Devils: Leslie Nielsen is in serious drama mode as the "Dayton" of the title. He's an ex-military man with a grudge to bear and a scheme to grab millions from a U.S. Air Force base payroll. He organizes a group of criminals and former soldiers (including top billed Calhoun) to pull off this dangerous caper. They train with strict military precision with Nelson threatening death to anyone who gets out of line. The plan is to train outside the country and then use boats and scuba gear to sneak into the U.S., commit the crime, then sneak back out and have an airtight alibi. As with most caper films not everything goes as planned. You'll be surprised to see Lainie Kazan (My Favorite Year, etc) as the sexy love interest(!) who sleeps with Nielsen, sings a song in a nightclub and strips down to a bikini swimsuit. Soap opera star Braeden is memorable an ex-Nazi who is Neilsen's right hand man. Look quick for character actors Bruce Glover and Bo Hopkins in small roles.

The Day of the Wolves: Here's a fun caper film you probably never heard of. Jan Murray hams it up as a clever crook who has conceived the "perfect" crime. He assembles a group of men known for their special set of skills. They're all thieves, killers, safecrackers and career criminals. They meet at a secret location in the desert to train and learn Murray's plan. Each man is assigned a number and told to never share their name or details of their lives. This way after the job is finished anyone who gets arrested can't rat the others out. Murray's plan is to take over a small town that has two banks, a supermarket, a payroll company, etc. — all of which they will rob. They will shut off roads, outside communication and lock the police in their own jail. This is a great plan but the one thing they didn't count on was 1950's tough guy Richard Egan. He's busy getting ready to move after leaving his job as town sheriff when he gets wind of the caper unfolding. He heads to town with his shotgun to put a wrench in the gang's plan. The film is clearly low budget but it moves along quickly with some good shoot-outs, chases and action. It's all played straight with very little levity. I imagine the actual location (Lake Havasu City, NV) must have given the producers carte blanch to make this film because it really feels like they've taken over the town during their prolonged siege. The energetic score is memorable too. WIDESCREEN

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Fullscreen / Color (Dayton's Devils)
Widescreen / Color (Day of the Wolves)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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