DIRECTOR: Tim Kincaid (Breeders, Robot Holocaust, Riot on 42nd Street)

STARS: Raina Barrett, Jacque Lynn Colton (The Filthy Five), Michaela Hope, Jennifer Welles (Sugar Cookies, Blonde Velvet), Roz Kelly (Happy Days, New Year's Evil, Does Size Really Count?)

SYNOPSIS: A feminist reporter decides to find out about sexual attitudes and experiences in NYC circa 1973. She gathers a group of women to be interviewed, share their experiences, desires and fears. There's a cross section of women: blonde, brunette, tall, short, skinny, chubby, white, black, experimental and reserved. The women take turns telling their stories and we see them played out in flashback. A sexy wild child drops acid and has sex with a stranger, a black call girl falls in love with her client, a busty blonde (Welles) is a cocktease, the chubby girl is a virgin and ends up at a swinger's party (with an unbilled Harry Reems!), etc. It's mostly played for laughs and almost all the women get naked or topless at some point. The best performances are the two "comic relief" characters played by Colton (the virgin) and Roz Kelly (the kinky confused one) who is better know as Happy Day's "Pinky Tuscadero".

NOTE: There are some minor video glitches during this film.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

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