DIRECTOR: William Graham (Honky, Guyana Tragedy, Mr Inside - Mr Outside)

STARS: Cliff Potts, Maria Potts (aka Xochitl), Harry Dean Stanton, James Gammon, Don Wilbanks, Roy Jenson

SYNOPSIS: Cliff Potts stars as a wandering cowboy in the old west. One day while out in the wilderness he stumbles upon a naked and scared Indian girl. The girl is played by the beautiful actress Xochitl and, amazingly enough, she spends almost the entire film completely nude! The two travel together and Potts feeds and protects her. Eventually they fall into passionate love. Unfortunately, a mean Army Sergeant, shown earlier in the film, has been looking for this Indian girl. When he catches up to the duo he and his men brutally rape her while Potts is helpless. This all leads to a pitch black ending. A long-haired Harry Dean Stanton has a small but memorable role as a friend of Billy's. At one point they play a game where one person stands against a wall and the other shoots as close as they can to that person's head! Look for an impossibly young and skinny James Gammon (Major League, The Apostle) too. Fans of western set films like Jeremiah Johnson or The Hired Hand will enjoy this one.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front art)

Buy "Cry for Me Billy" : $20.00

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