( aka Slipping Into Darkness )



(1978 / 1974)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Crazed: Richard Cassidy / My Brother Has Bad Dreams: Robert Emery

STARS: Crazed: Laszlo Papas, Belle Mitchell, Beverly Ross / My Brother Has Bad Dreams: Paul Vincent, Marlena Lustik

SYNOPSIS: Two psycho-thriller rarities

Crazed: Genuinely creepy psycho thriller you may have overlooked. This one starts off slow and is more of a character study of a disturbed man until the actual killing begins. "Grahame" is a young man, living alone, in a boarding house run by an old woman. He seems normal on the outside but his traumatic past causes him to have disturbing nightmares and thoughts. One day a sexy young girl moves in the boarding house. He falls in love and becomes obsessed. Hiding in a secret wall he's able to watch her ala Bad Ronald (including sex with her boyfriend). Ironically, the girl dies not as a result of murder but accidentally. Grahame is the first to find her and, rather than tell the authorities, he tucks her body away for safe keeping. When friends and nosy neighbors come looking Grahame kills them off to "protect" her. Some brief nudity and blood in this (mostly) psychological shocker. Worth checking out.

My Brother Has Bad Dreams: Here's another surprisingly fun bargain-bin regular that suffered from a silly title and godawful vhs cover. This low-budget, Florida lensed, shocker features a funny awkward "Norman Bates"-ish performance by Paul Vincent. He's tall, skinny, nerdy looking and stumbles a lot when he talks. He has reason to act disturbed - as a boy he witnessed his father murder his poor wheelchair bound mother (with a fire poker no less). As the film opens he has a conversation with his "mother" but it's really just a department store mannequin! He lives in a big house, where the murder took place, with his sister. Naturally bad dreams plague his sleepless nights. One day at the beach he befriends a motorcycle rider and brings him home. The man starts dating his sister and soon our hero gets jealous and snaps. Again, this is more character study than an exercise in blood and gore.

*For more psychos see: Mongrel, Psychopath, Blood Link / Reborn and Blood Salvage

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Crazed / My Brother Has Bad Dreams" : $30.00

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